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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The New Face of Black Media Online

Brooklyn, New York - Multiple Shades of You Online, a five year old web community for people of color, is taking Black Online Media coverage to the next level. With a fresh new design and interactive search engine, msoy hopes to become the new e-spot for African Americans online.

“Black content, for black people!” shouted msoy founder, LaShanda Henry. “In the summer of 2000, inspiration took over me and I created an e-zine for women of color ages 5-25. Today, that little e-zine has flourished into an e-Community for black folks ages 1-100!” Over the last five years, msoy has evolved into a melting pot of news and resources that highlight quality web content for people of color.

A few msoy original projects include the e-Zine, which aims to meet the needs of African American baby girls, teens and pre-teens by featuring parental guides, educational resources, health tips, and youth entertainment. Urban Dynamics, msoy’s multi-dimensional web portal includes a search engine with site thumbnail previews, a large collection of Black RSS feeds, as well as urban web tools and marketing support for Small Black Businesses. Additionally, Our Media, Black Out Loud, and Mo’ Funnies are three other msoy areas filled with information about black short films, humor, online media, cartoons, comics and graphics animation.

These projects are just a small piece of the msoy puzzle. By fall 2005, Multiple Shades of You Online hopes to officially cross over into the blog realm with its new journals Black Online Entrepreneurs and Black Bloggin.

For a complete listing of all that msoy has to offer you, please visit Multiple Shades of You Online at or email LaShanda Henry, Black site owners are welcome to submit their sites to


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